Creator-Performer, Producer


Hero is the last remaining human on earth. She has been stranded on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, in the middle of the ocean, for years... but her days are numbered. She tells her final tale using garbage puppets and really, really bad poetry. Wastelands is an apocalyptic comedy about garbage and the pieces of trash who produce it.


Created with Lindsey Zess.

2018 | Development Run | Vancouver Fringe Festival | VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA

2018 | Workshop Presentation | IGNITE! Festival | CALGARY, AB, CANADA

2018 | Workshop Presentation | Gravity Cabaret of Political Art | EDMONTON, AB, CANADA

2018 | Development | Alberta Playwrights' Network Mentorship Program | CALGARY, AB, CANADA

Creator-Performer, Producer


The Scientist works in her lab. She experiments with microscopic organisms and gathers scientific observations leading her to the truth. Then one day, her studies are interrupted by a ghost. In a reality determined by evidence, how can The Scientist deny the proof before her very eyes? Encounter an expedition down the twilight pathways of darkness and shadow, consciousness and existence, truth and perception. Staged in total darkness, Shadowlands is a unique visual experience. This striking aesthetic plays on what you can see, what you can’t see…and what you think you can see…

2018 | Workshop | Ghost River Theatre | CALGARY, AB, CANADA

2018 | Workshop Presentation | New Works Festival | EDMONTON, AB, CANADA

2017 | Premiere Draft 01 | Canadian Fringe Festival Tour | TORONTO, EDMONTON, CALGARY, EDMONTON, VANCOUVER

2017 | Public Reading | NextFest | EDMONTON, AB, CANADA

Creator-Performer, Producer


During the first Women’s March on Washington in Edmonton 2017, Savanna created and performed an artistic piece on political marching. The finished project is a visual art exhibition entitled ARTifacts of Protest. The exhibit looks at performativity in the civil rights march, gender, and art. It also examines the boundaries and hierarchy between artifacts and art. The question of whether political art can actually change politics is an age-old question. We also see this question being asked of the act of marching. Does marching actually accomplish anything? Does art?

2018 | Lecture and Showcase | University of Alberta International Week  | EDMONTON, AB, CANADA

2017 | Exhibit | Art from the Unknown Presented by the Premiere of Alberta  | EDMONTON, AB, CANADA

2017 | Exhibit | Gravity Cabaret of Political Art  | EDMONTON, AB, CANADA




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