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Savanna (she/her)

I am an interdisciplinary creator, facilitator, and independent arts scholar working in various forms of interactive media and performance. As a creator-performer, I have toured Canada with my weird little shows about garbage puppets and science ghosts. I am a loner and co-conspirator, a killjoy feminist, and citizen scientist.

My areas of practice and study encompass:

  • Performance Studies
    • Performativity and liveness
    • Alternative theatre (mask, puppetry, clown, collective creation/devising, immersive, interactive, site-specific, etc.)
    • Experience design (XD), user experience (UX), and interaction design (IxD)
    • Immersive/interactive performance
  • Digital Dramaturgy
    • Experience design (XD), user experience (UX), and interaction design (IxD)
    • Digital and hybrid performance (intermedia)
    • Performative and creative technologies
    • STEAM
  • Ecodramaturgy
    • Art as climate action
    • Regenerative creativity

    • Ecocriticism
    • Ecoscenography
  • Leadership
    • Anti-oppression, community organizing, intersectional feminist leadership principles
    • Live event producing (physical, digital, hybrid)
    • Organizational consultant

Digital Dramaturgy

My background in digital and intermedia creation originated while working in digital literacy and makerspace programming in the public library system. This grounded my digital practices in the intersections of social justice. As a digital creator impassioned by the medium, I nevertheless acknowledge and grapple with issues of the technological waste crisis, human rights violations in the extraction of technological consumerism (cobalt, lithium, etc.), the right to repair, digital literacy gaps, cyberbullying, unequitable access to broadband and the devices with which to utilize it, etc. Since the pandemic, I have helped over 150 artists make the jump to digital, lead over 10 major livestream events and festivals, and consulted for numerous arts organizations and individual artists on digital dramaturgy, digital strategy, digital transformation, and digital business development.

Recent projects include an artist residency at cSPACE Projects researching interaction design for digital and hybrid performance and the publication of my article in Luma Quarterly: The Art Experience vs The Art Object: Performing Arts in the Digital Realm.


It was while I was researching my latest show, Wastelands, that I started learning about art as climate action and the vital role artists have to play in the fight for climate justice. We are powerful communicators and cultural influencers. Our voices, hopes, dreams, and hearts are needed in partnership with the work of science communicators, grassroots environmental organizers, and public policy makers. Since the beginning of that journey, I have rapidly re-oriented my artistic practice to focus on the environmental crisis as a primary theme of exploration. Wastelands is a study of the plastic waste crisis and the social, cultural, and economic systems hurtling us toward climate apocalypse. The Wastelands itself is a creative interpretation of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, imagined as a floating island of garbage and following the last remaining human on earth: Hero. In reality, the Patch is a flotsam of microplastic waste in the North Pacific Ocean, spanning 1.6 square kilometers (twice the size of Texas or three times the size of France) and mostly invisible to the casual eye. Wastelands is an immersive/interactive installation and show, working to visualize and conceptualize an otherwise intangible and purposefully distanced quotidian waste crisis.

As an Albertan artist, living and creating in a petro-state, the complexity of rebuilding our energy sector is one requiring massive systems overhawl and a just transition for communities whose livelihoods are entangled with the oil and gas sector. Plastic manufacturing impacts almost every aspect of our lives, and even once we transition away from greenhouse gas emitting fuels, the transition away from petrochemical plastics looms in the wings.

In addition to my art as climate action practice, I facilitate workshops at the intersection of climate justice and creativity. I authored a workbook called Creativity for the Climate: A Generative Process during my time as Artist-in-Residence for Youth Climate Lab. I have since facilitated several workshops on the topic. Creativity for the Climate workshops are available by request and are tailored to each group.

Land Acknowledgement

I live and create in Treaty 6 and 7 territories in amiskwaciywâskahikan-Edmonton and mohkínstsis-Calgary. I strive to be a de/colonizer and have historically benefited from the systemic racism and genocide of Canada’s indigenous peoples. I am committed to dismantling oppressive systems and fighting in solidarity with land and water protectors. Indigenous sovereignty and reconciliation should be the cornerstones of climate action because environmentalism without intersectionality is just white supremacy with trees. We are all treaty people.

Digital Citizenship Statement

As a creator impassioned by the artistic and technological possibilities of digital creation, I nevertheless acknowledge and grapple with issues of the technological waste crisis, human rights violations and environmental destruction within technological resource extraction (cobalt, lithium, etc.), surveillance capitalism, digital literacy and the digital divide, the right to repair, cyberbullying and hate groups, unequitable access to broadband, and the many other dark corners of the internet that are not just silly cat videos and dank memes.