A professional development opportunity aligned with the United Nations’s Sustainable Development Goal 13: Climate Action, the Feminist International Assistance Policy (FIAP) Action Area 4: Environment and Climate Action, and the value of intersectional environmentalism. 

August 19, 2021 from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM MDT on Zoom. FREE! Limit 10 participants, register soon to secure your workshop seat.

Creativity for the Climate: A Generative Process Workshop

Growing out of her Creativity for the Climate workbook (commissioned by Youth Climate Lab), artist Savanna guides participants through the process of integrating arts and creativity into climate action.

This 2-hour workshop introduces techniques from devised and collective creation performance practices that can be used to generate new images, stories, interventions, and messaging on environmental crisis. Explore an arts-driven approach to seeding curiosity-driven conversations that flower into change-making transformations.

Suitable for participants of a variety of backgrounds and experience-levels, from communications professionals, artists, policy-makers, leaders and strategists, organizers, activists, community members, etc. 

Writing to Your Member of Parliament

Want to write a letter to your Member of parliament in support of Indigenous reconciliation and right relations? Check out this helpful video I made for National Indigenous Peoples Day. 


Find your electoral district:

Find your Member of Parliament's Contact Info:

The letter template I used is copied below and shared with permission. Thank you authors Steven Crowchild and Evans Yellow Old Woman!

We have created a letter template addressed to Prime Minister Trudeau, that everyone can use. Please add your information and send to his office.

We encourage you to mail a letter in but if that is not possible you can send via email:

The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, P.C., M.P.

Prime Minister

Office of the Prime Minister 80 Wellington Street Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

The discovery of the bodies of 215 innocent Indigenous children in a mass grave at the former Kamloops Indian Residential School is physical evidence of the genocide committed by the Canadian Federal Government against the Indigenous Peoples of Canada. This is the time for action and justice, no more empty platitudes and apologies without change. Justice must be served for these 215 innocent children and the countless other lives taken by the deliberate actions of the Canadian Government and Churches. The Federal Government of Canada has known of these atrocities not only through the work of Truth and Reconciliation, but because you have legislated and funded the institutions. It is the responsibility of this government to ensure the harm committed is amended. I am calling on the Canadian Federal Government to act now.

We call on you, the leader of the Canadian Federal Government, to publicly commit to the following:

- Publicly commit to providing financial support and adequate resources to assist Indigenous Communities in searching all sites of Indian Residential Schools, Hospitals, Industrial Schools, and any other potential mass grave sites. These efforts must be Indigenous led and the Federal Government must quash all bureaucratic roadblocks that may exist to prevent this work from being expedited swiftly.

- Publicly commit to funding proper cemeteries, resting places, and memorials for those lost in residential schools. These children were stripped of their dignity in death, and the Canadian Federal Government has an enormous moral obligation to ensure they are laid to rest with all the proper respects and dignity by their loving communities.

- Publicly commit to launching thorough criminal investigations and/or post-humous trials for all known offenders, in an effort to bring justice to the 215 Indigenous children and the countless others killed in the Indian Residential Schools.

- Publicly commit to utilizing the term “Genocide” as opposed to “Cultural Genocide” moving forward in an effort to be truthful about the atrocities committed by the Church and State against Indigenous Peoples.

Lastly, I call on the Federal Government to honour the Treaties made with Indigenous Peoples. Treaty obligations are still not being fulfilled. Communities are still without clean water. Children continue to be displaced from their communities by the Child Welfare System. Indigenous Peoples continue to be brutalized by police and the incarceration rates continue to climb. Indigenous Women are disproportionately murdered and missing without justice. Education is still drastically underfunded. And this government continues to dispute children and residential school survivors in court. This is but a small list of examples that show the atrocities Indigenous people face. This government needs to stop paying lip service and act boldly in implementing the TRC’s 94 Calls to Action, as well as honouring the treaties according to their true spirit and intent.

The Government of Canada can no longer deny the crimes of genocide committed against Indigenous Peoples. There can be no reconciliation without truth and action or it continues to be an injustice. Please do the right thing.

Thank you,