Presented by the Festival of Animated Objects 2022

About Savanna (she/her)

I’m an interdisciplinary creator, host, and independent arts scholar working in various forms of interactive media and experience design. As a creator-performer, I’ve toured Canada with my weird little shows about garbage puppets and science ghosts. I’m a loner and co-conspirator, a killjoy feminist, and citizen scientist.

About Wastelands

“Let me tell you a tale of a world full of trash…”

Hero is stranded on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a floating wasteland in the middle of the ocean. Populated with trash puppet citizenry for company and ingenious – if improvised – inventions for survival, our Hero fights for life on a dying world. But the doomsday clock is ticking down to the end of the Anthropocene, and the last remaining human on earth is running out of time.

Wastelands is an apocalyptic tale about garbage and the pieces of trash who produce it: a one-person clown and puppet show performed with junk in an immersive and interactive environment.

Tread carefully while castaway on Wastelands. The wrong choice could have disastrous consequences…

Language: English
Rating: 14+
Content Warnings: coarse language, eco-grief, puppet violence, death


Land Acknowledgment:

I live and create in Treaty 6 and 7 territories in amiskwaciywâskahikan-Edmonton and mohkínstsis-Calgary. I strive to be a de/colonizer and have historically benefited from the systemic racism and genocide of Canada’s Indigenous peoples. I am committed to dismantling oppressive systems and fighting in solidarity with land and water protectors. Indigenous sovereignty and reconciliation should be the cornerstones of climate action because environmentalism without intersectionality is just white supremacy with trees. We are all treaty people.

Digital Citizenship Statement:

As a creator impassioned by the artistic and technological possibilities of digital creation, I nevertheless acknowledge and grapple with issues of the technological waste crisis, human rights violations and environmental destruction within technological resource extraction (cobalt, lithium, etc.), surveillance capitalism, digital literacy and the digital divide, the right to repair, cyberbullying and hate groups, inequitable access to broadband, and the many other dark corners of the internet that are not just silly cat videos and dank memes.


Written by: Savanna Harvey

Directed by: Savanna Harvey

Created with Lindsey Zess and the Plastic Fantastics

Production Design: Lindsey Zess

Performed by: Jamie Tognazzini

Associate Producer: Mackenzie Parrott

Production Manager/Assistant Director: Dee Kern

Director of Photography: Joel Varjassy

Editor: Mike Gallant

Additional Editing: Savanna Harvey and Brandon Wilson

Colour by: Great Canadian Films

Lighting Technician/Costume Build: Nancy Janzig

Sound Designer: Kyle Hinton

Sound Engineer: Jordan Usselman

Set and Machine Builder: Lane Shordee

Build Team: Teigan Blondin de Boer, Ali DeRegt, Trevor Gieske, Monica Ila, Nancy Janzig, Geneviève Paré, KP Smith, Jamie Tognazzini, Lindsey Zess

Digital Media Coordinator and Interactive Design: Mackenzie Parrott

Graphic Design: Kelsi Kalmer

Executive Producer: Savanna Harvey and Great Canadian Films

Supported by:

Special Thanks:

Inside Out Theatre
Sage Theatre
CAART – Bin Diver

University of Calgary Department of Drama

City of Calgary Recycling Program